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About Us

National Multilingual Education Resource Centre is funded by UNICEF and it came into existence as a result of a continued collaboration between MLE interest groups in JNU, UNICEF, Save the Children, NCERT, CIIL, Room to Read and other organizations as well as individual MLE professionals. Most of these organizations came together in organizing an International Conference on Multilingual Education under the Directorship of Professor Ajit K. Mohanty and Professor Minati panda, Zakir Husain Centre for Educational Studies (ZHCES), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). The conference was held in Delhi in February 2008 and was attended by some of the best known MLE Researchers and Practitioners from all over the world and a large body of MLE practitioners from India, Nepal and other South Asian countries. One of the recommendations of the Conference was to set up a National MLE Resource Centre in India to coordinate the MLE activities as well as to work towards promotion of MLE in the region. The National Multilingual Education Resource Centre (NMRC) started as a UNICEF Funded Project in JNU with Professor Ajit K. Mohanty and Professor Minati Panda, ZHCES, JNU as the Project Directors.

National Multilingual Education Resource Centre (NMRC) is a resource-cum-research facility to provide the required institutional level support and initiative for promotion of Multilingual Education (MLE) particularly for tribal children in different states in India. The range of activities of NMRC will depend on periodic need assessment for promotion, planning, implementation of effective MLE keeping in view the problems of schooling and classroom learning of tribal and other linguistic minority children in India.

MLE is seen as an effective form of inclusive education that respects linguistic human rights of all communities to use, develop, protect and learn through their languages with a sense of dignity and positive cultural and linguistic identity. It seeks to facilitate positive transition from home to school, develop adequate proficiency in multiple languages through planned education based on a strong foundation of mother tongue development, provide equality of opportunity and maximize learning potentials of every child. It is located in Zakir Husain Centre for educational studies, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

NMRC Staff
Director: Prof. Minati Panda

Co-Director and Senior Advisor: Prof. Ajit Kumar Mohanty

Dr. Shivani Nag
Dr. Sakshi Manocha
Dr. Rashim Pal
Dr. Bapujee Biswabandan
Dr. Suneeta Mishra

Ms. Yashika Chandna
Ms. Rohini Nag
Dr. Neha Agarwal