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1. To function as a national resource centre for dissemination and sharing of value added information on MLE and providing consultative help and guidance for planning, implementation and trouble shooting of MLE programs in different states in India in coordination with MHRD Resource team;

2. To work in close collaboration with key institutions and stakeholders in India and abroad for necessary academic and research support to optimize multi-pronged engagement in providing quality MLE in India;

3. To promote and undertake short term and long term research projects in areas of relevance for innovative and quality MLE in India;

4. To take up and coordinate projects for formative evaluation of various MLE practices in order to identify and promote positive practices and to modify non-effective/weak practices wherever necessary;

5. To facilitate coordination between different MLE activities in the states and at the national level providing documentation and information resources, networking of various MLE interest groups, institutions and individuals, and establishing linkages to optimize effective utilization of expertise and materials for MLE programs;

6. To provide necessary technical support to all activities related to training, development of indigenous human resources and effective pedagogic strategies for planning and implementation of sustainable MLE programs and to develop training modules for various activities pertaining to MLE in India;

7. To undertake activities for policy advocacy and networking for promotion of MLE as an effective model of quality education for ALL.

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